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TURNKEY complete poultry project provider ,whole chicken business package solution for all clients. CONNECT Group is one of the leading poultry project package solution provider, the products and services including all the chicken field, start from egg hatchery, breeders raising, chicken parents raising, broiler house raising, broiler cage system, layer cage system, poultry processing equipment, fridge, rendering equipment for both poultry and animals waste. Our group totally have seven companies, which including one poultry processing equipment manufacture, two rendering equipment manufacture, one broiler equipment plant, one fridge equipment construction plant, one trading company which...

Categories and Products

Poultry Processing Equipment

Bird Reception Machine

Crates stacker & Destacker machine Crates belt conveyor High Quality Poultry Crates Drawer Crates POM conveyor Crates rolling conveyor Poultry Crates poultry processing equipment 

Poultry Slaughtering Unit

Overhead Conveyor Line Large Chicken Automatic Killer Chicken Bath stunner High Speed Slaughter Live Bird Counter Large Chicken Scalding Machine Chicken Automatic Plucking Machine Slaughterhouse Chicken Head Cutter Chicken Feet Cutting Machine Automatic Poultry Feet Unloader Chicken Conveyor Line Washer poultry processing equipment for slaughterhouse Automatic bird counter poultry slaughtering equipment 

Chicken Evisceration Machine

Semi-Automatic Evisceration system in poultry processing plant Chicken automatic vent cutter Large Chicken Automatic Eviscerator for poultry processing equipment Slaughterhouse Poultry Opening Machine for slaughtrering equipment High Quality Slaughterhouse Cropping Machine for poultry equipment chicken neck breaker Final Inspection Machine for chicken slaughtering machines Inside or Outside Bird Washer for poultry butchery equipment Automatic Chicken Evisceration chicken Automatic Evisceration Automation evisceration machine birds processing machine of eviscerator Full automatic chicken eviscerator Full atuoamtic chicken Eviscerator Chicken slaugtherhouse Evisceration machine poultry processing equipment of eviscerator Chicken Cropping machine slaughtering machine of vent cutter Vent cutter poultry processing mahchine of inside outside bird washer 

Pre-Chilling System

High Quality Poultry Spiral Chiller 

Weighing And Grading Machine

Weighing&Grading system for poultry processing equipment weighing Grading system for poultry processing equipment 

Chicken Cut-Up Machine

Automatic Chicken Cut Up System poultry processing line of belt conveyor Cutting Saw Poultry products lung removal nozzle Automatic wing cut-up machine 

Chicken By-Products Handling Equipment

Poultry Gizzard Processing Machine Gizzard Cutter in chicken processing line Gizzard Fat Removing Machine Gizzard de-fatter for poultry dressing machines Poultry Gizzard Peeling Machine Gizzard Peeler Chicken Feature & water separator for slaughterhouse equipment Feet processing equipment for slaughterhouse equipment Poultry manual vent cutter 

Compact Processing Line

Compact Poultry Processing Line 

Hygiene Equipment

Movable plant washing machine Portable spray system Stainless steel Hand washing tank slaugtherhouse boot washer food factory Automatic boot wahser Boots drying rack Stainless steel freezing tray tray 

Small Manual Chicken Processing System

Super compact poultry processing machine 

Rendering Equipment

Raw Material Handling Equipment

Raw Material Hopper Dead Animal Or Bones Pre-breaker Water Dehydrate Machine Raw material compact handling system rendering plant screw conveyor 

Rendering Processing Equipment

Large Dead Animal or Bones Hydrolysis Digester Batch Cooker Poultry Cooker & Dryer Disc Feather Meal Dryer Rendering equipment of tube dryer COMPACT RENDERING EQUIPMENT Rendering plant batch cooker batch Cooker with cooking and drying Animal Protein Batch Cooker 

Meal Transit Hopper

Meal Transit Bin of protein rendering plant 

Fat Press Machine

Poultry Fat Pressing Machine Centrifugal filter press rendering meal fat press 

Meal Cooling Machine

Feature Meal Cooling Machine 

Odor System

Condensor Cyclone Dust Collector Vacuum Station Cooling Tower Rendering plant odor washer 

FIMACO Rendering equipment

FIMACO rendering equipment FIMACO rendering equipment 

Poultry Farm Equipment

Feed Silo for broiler house Broiler feeding line Automatic Chicken Feeding System Broiler Automatic Feeding System Breeder chain feeding System Breeder Pan Feeding system MALE BREEDER FEEDING SYSTEM NIPPLE DRINKING SYSTEM Large Industrial Ventilation Fan Broiler cage system for poultry farm equipment Layer cage system Pullets raising cage for poultry farming equipment Poultry automatic farming equipment 

Refrigeration Project

Sandwich Panel

PUR Insulation Sandwich panel EPS Insulation Sandwich panel Rock Wool Insulation Sandwich panel 

Refrigerating Unit

chicken farm chicken farm Poultry Farm Equipments Chicken Farm chicken farm installation chicken farm installation 

Steam Boiler

Industrial Steam Boiler Equipment 


Poultry Farms Automatic Incubator 

Manure Fertilizer Processing Equipment

Slot dumping machine manure Single shaft mixer Manure double shaft mixer manure fertilizer pelleting machine manure Fertilizer polishing machine drum manure pelleting machine manure rotary drying machine manure fertilizer cooling machine 

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